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Make Your Own Reality!

Prism is a 2D puzzle platform game involving colors. Change lens colors to influence what the world looks like and how it can be navigated.

Colored blocks try to stop you; use colored lenses to influence what is real and what isn't. Switch between multiple colors to overcome puzzling platforming action.

You play as a spunky spelunker. Diving into caves for mysteries and treasures has always been your thing! But what's this place you've found yourself in? Crystals have grown out of control, blocking passageways and paths in these underground caverns. Your way forward blocked, you find yourself right where you want to be: there are a pair of glasses on the ground! Soon you find a lens looking like it was crafted out of the crystals that are outgrowing this place. You slip it into place in the newly found frames, and suddenly the world changes! What was once in your path has disappeared! Like it doesn't even exist anymore, as long as you look through the lens its matching colors fade away from your path.

When you change the lens out, if you were inside of a crystalline formation then that's where you'll stay- which isn't necessarily bad. These gems have grown so large, they make better platforms than any ground!

Use colors to navigate your surroundings, moving through what you don't want in your way and purposely falling through no longer important platforms. Find the way through to the door to the next floor! But wait, it's locked! You need a key, usually hidden close by.

Good luck, explorer!


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  • A very interesting puzzle platform game idea.  
  • The controls is simple and it works very well.

What could have been better:

  • Some music and more sound effects could have bin good.
  • The graphics is overall fine, but it could need a bit polish.

Overall a fine game jam game. Well done.



Thank you for your critique!

I do hope to revisit the game some time to bump the graphics up, but I did just re-upload the game with some minor fixes.

Hopefully I can have your insights on future projects too.